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                    About Honeywell's Cloud Platform

                    Movilizer - The Cloud for Field Operations


                    The Cloud for Field Operations

                    Movilizer is a leading European Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that empowers enterprises to realize their digital transformation and deploy nimble and dynamic strategies in the field. Movilizer enables them to develop mobile business models by making any operation available on any mobile device and at the same time interconnecting them with the enterprise back-end system and with each other.

                    Movilizer accompanied already over 200 multinationals successfully on their transformational journey to become interconnected, digitally augmented and mobile-enabled companies.
                    With SaaS solutions built and run on the Movilizer Cloud for Field Operations, enterprises successfully adapt future-proof work models that operate efficiently throughout their mission-critical processes in the areas of:

                    Service & Maintenance Sales & Distribution Track & Trace

                    Movilizer at a Glance

                    Movilizer At A Glance

                    Key Differentiators

                    • We’re an early innovator and leading global provider of cloud based mobility workflow solutions
                    • We enable enterprises to implement breakthrough strategies for business process execution and customer service
                    • We offer certified SAP integration, unrivalled in functionality and flexibility, and proven at hundreds of customers
                    • Our multi-tenant cloud platform and global delivery and support services provide confident deployments
                    • Design and orchestrate mobility solutions once within our cloud and deploy to virtually any OS and device

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                    The First Cloud for Field Operations

                    Find out about the industry challenges for business operations and how you can solve them with the Movilizer Cloud

                    Fit For Mission-Critical Processes

                    Get insights about how Movilizer fullfils the technical requirements to mobilize your mission-critical process today and in the future

                    We Understand the Mobile Market

                    Having the finger on the pulse we inform you about trends and developments and how to use them to your best

                    Your Benefits with Movilizer

                    The Movilizer Cloud is convincing from a business and a technological point of view - have a look at your benefits!