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                    Consumer Products & Beverages

                    Interconnect a complex Multi-Channel Distribution Environment

                    Distribution within the consumer products and beverages industry has changed towards a complex multi-channel and multi-process environment. A multitude of processes are involved across manufacturing plants, sales and order-taking management, supply chain and customer relationship management.

                    This requires a fine-tuned machine of interconnected stakeholders with immediate access to accurate information and activities that are properly orchestrated.

                    Consumer Products and Bevarages

                    Common Challenges in Consumer Products & Beverages


                    Downtime of production or distribution equipment causes delayed supply and waste

                    Customer complaints

                    Errors in shipment and delivery cause customer rejects and complaints

                    Inefficient transport

                    Empty space in delivery trucks is not used for sellable products if van-sales process is not supported

                    Tardy promotions

                    Market-data can't be transformed in on-the-spot promotions to counter competition

                    Late replenishment

                    If vending machines don't trigger out-of-stock warnings, sales opportunities are lost

                    Solve these challenges with a powerful mobile solution

                    The Movilizer Cloud for Consumer Products & Beverages

                    Diagram CP And Bevarages

                    Achieve more with Movilizer

                    Manufacturing Plants

                    33% increase in machine uptime, 20% decrease in product waste:

                    • Predictive maintenance with M2M & technician integration 
                    • Better coding controls 
                    • Mobile quality inspections 
                    • Efficient product recalls


                    Manufacturing Plants
                    Quality and Supply Chain

                    Quality & Supply Chain

                    Reach 100% of supply chain visibility and quality compliance for brand protection and enhancement:

                    • Knowing which raw materials are in which product batches 
                    • Track & trace all distributed finished goods till point of sale
                    • Full transparency for end customers - from source to shelf



                    30% decrease in shipping costs:

                    • Improved warehouse efficiency 
                    • Optimized routes and truck loads



                    Warehouse and Distribution Centers
                    Order Taking per Visit

                    Order Taking per Visit

                    30% decrease of time spent on order taking and 30% increase of time spent on business development:

                    • Order templates supported
                    • Customer self pre-ordering supported
                    • Improved navigation flow and app business performance



                    On The Road

                    50% increase in sales and more flexibility for peaks:

                    • Treat external drivers like internal drivers 
                    • Allow more flexibility in pricing and promotions, even offline
                    • Support mixed roles such as Van Seller = Delivery Driver + Order Taker



                    On the Road
                    Market Intelligence

                    Market Intelligence

                    200% increase in insights and 50% decrease in costs:

                    • Use crowdsourcing to collect point of sale data 
                    • Focus your skilled merchandisers on promotions and positioning



                    Vending Machines

                    300% decrease in refill frequency, 99% vending uptime ensured and fraud eliminated:

                    • Support two-stop vending 
                    • Enable preventive M2M and remote diagnosis 
                    • Automatic app inventory udpates (cash + stock) via machine interface



                    Vending Machines
                    Customer Asset Maintenance

                    Customer Asset Maintenance

                    50% decrease in asset losses, avoiding customer stop-of-service:

                    • Geotagging of all assets at customer side 
                    • Enable customer self-service fix request 
                    • Efficient dispatching of nearby technicians



                    At the Outlet

                    300% increase of outlet loyalty and 50% decrease in outlet relationship management:

                    • Smart usage of digital POS material
                    • Deploy the Outlet App
                    • Enable self ordering



                    At the Outlet

                    App Catalog

                    Movilizer offers more than 2200 different apps for each of your processes

                    Business Benefits

                    A powerful cloud solution enables you to implement your strategies in the field

                    Field Operations

                    Movilizer mobilizes and interconnects any field operation or mission-critical process

                    References & Case studies

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