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                    Mobile Tsunami

                    Critical Success Factors

                    An Agile IT Solution is Key to a more Dynamic Mobile Strategy

                    IT preparations - Key to Success

                    In order to become a mobile and dynamic enterprise, the goal is to implement a strategy that:

                    • breaks down siloed IT systems and 
                    • creates a network of interconnected stakeholders
                    • to contribute to more efficient processes

                    This requires a strategic approach that leverages skills, toolsets and a platform with ready-made solutions for operational needs. To be able to provide the right solution framework that is able to answer these needs, IT needs to investigate in and evaluate following critical success factors:


                    Field Operations demand zero-infrastructure cloud platforms.


                    Mobile app development must be fast and easy, re-using existing skills


                    Scaling up instantly and interconnecting all participants in a process is a must


                    Not only today your mission-critical solution must run. It must evolve constantly.


                    Connecting internal and external stakeholder may never compromise security of your systems

                    Mobile First - Key To A Dynamic Strategy

                    Address Critical Success Factors to prepare the move from Tactical to Strategic Mobility

                    Infrastructure Requirements

                    Infrastructure Requirements

                    When considering a mobile strategy for your field operations, you need to assess the impact on your infrastructure:

                    • Capex or Opex?
                    • Sizing - required or a non-issue?
                    • High-availability ensured?
                    • Security implemented to allow internal & external stakeholders?

                    Movilizer's Cloud for Field Operations is available as a service. As it is a multi-tenant infrastructure, it grows with your needs, lowering your TCO. End-2-End Security Concepts allow you to safely connect all stakeholders.

                    Development Tools & Skillsets

                    Development Tools & Skillsets

                    Key to mobilize your enterprise is your time-to-market. Being able to leverage existing skillsets is crucial as you will need to scale capacity with demand.

                    As Movilizer movelets are developed within your existing back-end, your team can develop in their preferred application development framework. Our connectors will take care of the rest. This allows them to focus on the process, not the technology.

                    Moreover, they can combine native, HTML5 and web development and create hybrid apps. No new language or application workbench is required.

                    Integration Capabilities

                    Integration Capabilities

                    Most companies have at least three or four back-end enterprise systems. To interconnect all stakeholders or even external subcontractor-systems, it is necessary to allow for multiple integrations easily. Movilizer has ready-to-go connectors for:

                    • SAP
                    • Oracle (Java)
                    • IBM Maximo
                    • and many more

                    One security concept protects it all and is quickly to deploy.

                    Scalability of Solution

                    Scalability of Solution

                    As you make your field operations mobile, you want to interconnect them robustly without worrying about the performance.
                    Therefore scalability is crucial when expanding to thousands of users. In doing so, zero impact on performance is allowed.

                    Movilizer is build on no-SQL technology and provides linear scalability. 1.5 Mio transactions are handled every day with peaks that go far beyond.
                    Integrated disaster recovery and business contingency features complete the picture of our enterprise-readiness.

                    Future Readiness

                    Future Readiness

                    The market of mobile devices is evolving everyday. Where companies used to develop solutions for a specific platform or device, that is no longer acceptable.

                    Not only can you run Movilizer applications for Field Operations on any current smartphone, tablet or (wearable) computer, we are committed to support any future device that reaches a market standard.
                    This allows you to quickly deploy new channels and maintain your integrations across generations of devices. New interfaces and integrations with M2M-communication are also guaranteed.



                    Innovation in field operations is also making sure that your mission-critical processes are guaranteed.

                    Development testing & debugging tools, as well as the use of open technologies and a growing partner eco-system, protect your investment.

                    As the back-end holds all business process logic and is always in full control, leveraging on Movilizer is a safe bet. New releases come twice a year (since +8 years) and give you constant access to new features and capabilities.

                    Internet of Things

                    IoT holds much potential with the right integration in your operations

                    Solutions for Field Operations

                    Movilizer connects your work force with your system and with each other

                    The platform's smart technology

                    The Movilizer platform has a smart setup of how to bring your back-end into the field

                    References & Case studies

                    Read about practical examples. We are helping following successful companies already.